Friday, January 30, 2009

Mok Yee Pai (wooden ear plates) are an exercise tool specific to the Hop Gar system of kung fu. This ear plate is used to develop the entire body and puts intense concentration on tendon strength. If used properly the mok yee pai is an excellent way to help rehab shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand injuries. In addition, the core strength that is gained from the mok yee pai gong is incredible. Mok yee pai gong can be beneficial to any martial system. It will not only benefit those who practice long fist systems, it will benefit anyone interested in developing the unity of body. Unlike the key locks and kettle bells that many people use, practitioners can execute techniques of the system just as they would empty handed. Though people can try to do this with these other tools, the length and shape of the mok yee pai change the way the weight works on the body. Because of this design difference, the mok yee pai works much more affectively for the martial artist. If you are looking for a way to dynamically increase strength, stamina, balance, and body unity, the mok yee pai may be exactly what you are looking for.